Telephone Systems and Platforms

Phone Systems,  telephone lines, SIP, ISDN….the world of telephony can be quite confusing. Deciding on which manufacturer to use, then the type of systems you can have from that manufacturer and then finally how much will it all cost? Well Blake Systems are experts in the field and are here to simplify the many options available. With over 25 years in the industry you will only receive the very best advice from a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

We like to take our time with clients and find out EXACTLY what telephone system or services they need for their business and supply them the hardware and/or software at the best price possible and on time. This is all rounded off with excellent after care service that is unbeatable.

Through years of experience, we monitor and test the various products available in the market and we have decided to offer 2 main systems for you to choose from so you will always get the best possible product for your environment.


Blake Systems specialise in delivering feature rich, reliable phone systems that are fully scalable to meet our customer’s requirements and seamlessly integrate with standard telephony methods, Voice over IP technology (VoIP), Unified Messaging, multi-site installations and call centers.

Computer Telephony Integration, or (CTI) for short, allows your company to communicate both internally and most importantly with your customers. 

In addition to the phone systems we can provide management information from the phone system to allow you to create a full audit trail of all calls made, received, wrap up times, queue and hold times and call duration.

Unified Messaging is the ideal solution for managing all your business information using the PC in conjunction with your telephone. Manage your faxes, voicemail, call recording plus a host of advanced benefits to your business communications. 


We cater for every size of business from just 2 or 3 extensions up to blue chip corporations that need large amounts of handsets. Some of the larger systems are capable of;

  • IP and SIP network communications server
  • Integrated unified messaging with up to 24 ports per unit
  • Analogue systems for small users
  • Scalability up to 8,000 users
  • Reliable backup system to survive system failure
  • Call center solutions with multiple features
  • High performance applications
To find out more benefits on the telephone systems and features from our telephone systems and communications platforms just contact a member of our team who will be happy to help.