Save Money On Telephone Lines and Calls

Business telephone lines and calls from Blake Systems will save you money on your telephone lines and calls whilst receiving the best possible service available. 


Our mission is to truly understand your business requirements.


When you speak to a member of our team you will find only the most professional and expert advice possible. We will take time to understand your business requirements to find out which product is the very best to keep your business communicating. We will not only look for a solution for the present but also the future requirements that best suit your needs.


Telephone lines

We have a vast array of telephone lines that will suit your business including analogue lines, ISDN2, ISDN30 and SIP so when you speak to our team we will be able to advise on the best product for you.


Telephone Calls

Success with our clients is proven by not only offering them a fantastic quality telephone service but also low cost telephone calls. By taking out a service could save up to a massive 46% on your present bills. As we have our own billing platform we can even look at a specific location worldwide that you may be calling and specifically look at reducing your calls to that specific destination along with the calls we provide that are some of the cheapest calls in the industry.


Geographic and non-geographic phone numbers

If you are looking to have a presence in multiple locations with local telephone numbers then we can provide you with exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for a number beginning with 01, 02, 03 or even 08xx numbers Blake Systems can give you a presence anywhere in mainland UK.

Fault reporting

Blake Systems believe in ensuring that our clients are really taken care of so you can contact our team 24 hours per day to report a fault should one occur to ensure that you have total piece of mind.